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Stanley Figurine

The Stanley Figurines (also called Figleys, Stanlurines, Mini-Stans, Stanley-Figs, Figlureanlurines, Figanleys, Stiggley-Wiggleys) are collectable figures of Stanley hidden through the office in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe. The player must complete the Sequel Ending to unlock them, and collecting all 6 of them unlocks the Figurines Ending and the Epilogue.


The Narrator adds these into the game's sequel, The Stanley Parable 2. He constantly clarifies they, in the final game, there will be no reward for finding them all, other than the satisfaction of watching a number go up.

Once you start playing the game's sequel, the 5 figurines (one is inside the The Stanley Parable 2 Expo itself) will spawn around the office. There are 6 of them in total, and (as the Narrator promises) there seems to truly be no real reward for collecting them. He also constantly debates what name to give the figurines, never settling on any.

That is, until you restart the game after collecting the sixth and final figurine. The Narrator will block off the path to all other endings, and begin the Figurines Ending.

Collecting them pulls up a screen of it revolving with icons scrolling the background and add onto the current number of figurines in the top right. Although, after collecting the first 6, they simply just increase the number in the top right.


There are 6 figurines to find. After collecting two, the Meeting Room will be renovated to be focused on finding the rest of them. This includes a whiteboard with hints on how to find the remaining figurines, which are crossed out as Stanley collects them.

Inside of a sequel exhibit

This one is the most obvious, as it is located in the dedicated collectables exhibit in the back of The Stanley Parable 2 Expo.

A large room. Lots of boxes?

This one is found in the Warehouse. It is somewhat easy to miss, especially if you begin riding the cargo lift since you cannot return without reseting. A newly created path made of wooden planks is put to the left of the cargo lift. Simply climb up the ramp propped up by the stack of boxes and drop down onto the path way. One way leads to the figurine, and the other leads to an open vent. Be careful not to fall off the pathway to your death.

Stairs... something to do with stairs.

This one is at the bottom of the stairs past the Broom Closet leading up to the Boss's Office. Once at the bottom, turn around toward the red glowing light and you'll find the figurine. Be sure not to enter the door in front of you into an endlessly repeating series of rooms before collecting it.

Somewhere both RED and BLUE

This one is located in the Colored Doors Room found by jumping down from the cargo lift onto the catwalk and entering the open door. A previously locked white door to the right of the two doors is now open, with a figurine sitting on a chair. Be sure not to have The Bucket in hand when going to this room, as you cannot take buckets into the room.

Nearby a fireplace

This one is located in the Boss's Office after typing 2-8-4-5 in the Boss's keypad and opening up the secret passageway. Instead of turning left toward the elevator, turn right and find the figurine. If you miss it, don't worry, you can always go back up the elevator.

A private (but smelly) place for an important person

This one is located in the Executive Bathroom found outside the Boss's Office. From the left of the door you entered, you should find the labeled door to the bathroom. Entering it, you can find the figurine sitting on the closed toilet seat.

Figurines Ending

In the Figurines Ending, The Narrator has Stanley recollect the six figurines again in the same order (aside from the fourth, replaced by one in a pink room). After that, he has him recollect them again in backwards order.

Stanley does not need to collect all of these figurines to progress, but can triple his count to 18 if he does.


Facepunch.png Quick Stanley, close your eyes!
This page contains information that may spoil the game for people who haven't played it. Read at your own discretion.

Like with all of the Stanley Parable 2 additions, they return near the end of the Epilogue. There are several blocking the path to the Settings Person's desk. Collecting them does nothing but increase the number.

The Narrator's Response

Each time you find one of the 6 first figurines, the narrator will make a comment about them, while the figurine is displayed on screen with a background referencing The Stanley Parable 2.


  • The figurines are an obvious jab at "worthless" collectables in video games, which seem to add no value and often have no reward other than the satisfaction of finding them all.




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