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Stanley, I think I feel... happy. I actually feel happy.

The Starry Dome is a place where The Narrator is trying to find true happiness with Stanley. The Dome appears to be resembling an outer space observatory, and is filled with constantly-moving stars and auroras.

The place can be reached by getting to the Zending; taking the red door once you see it in the colored door room. The Narrator will discuss some matter with Stanley, until he opens a door which leads to the Starry Dome. Beyond the Dome, there is a set of stairs that leads to a bigger set of stairs where the Zending takes place. The Narrator will plead with Stanley to go back to this Dome whenever he is scaling the stairs.


The music played in the Starry Dome also plays during the The Essence of Divine Art's speech (Pillars of Light - The Floating World). It was composed by Siddhartha Barnhoorn.