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Test Chamber 00
Oh, it's a puzzle. Critical thinking, Stanley. Your forte.
Oh, it's a puzzle. Critical thinking, Stanley. Your forte.
Location Information
Accessible via: The Right Door
Leads to: Original HL2 mod's office
Place of ending(s): Games Ending
Points of Divergence 0
Gallery Endings Access

Test Chamber 00 is an area in the Games Ending, which leads to the remnants of the original Half-Life 2 mod office, but without lighting.


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Testchmb a 000007-0.jpg

Like its counterpart in Portal, the test chamber consists of a stasis tube (Relaxation Vault) where Stanley awakens (and where Chell began her adventure in Portal), a huge red button, a vent where cubes are dropped, a round door with the Aperture Science logo on it, which can be opened by placing a cube on the red button. There is an elevator at the end of the test chamber, however the Narrator decides not to let Stanley ride it, and leaves him there after sarcastically mocking Stanley for disobeying his narrations. Below the elevator is a round hole leading to the remnants of the office from the original Half-Life 2 mod.

This room was replaced in the Ultra Deluxe version.


  • A well-known "Easter Egg" is to pick up the radio from the glass room, then put it right next to the door, carefully placing the cube on top of it so that it leans onto the door. Then, when stepping on the button, if done correctly, the cube should fall between the doors and prevent it from shutting. After a while, the cube will shoot out from between the doors.
  • It is possible for Stanley to get stuck inside the test chamber by getting the cube through the door, although this is very tricky to accomplish. Should he manage to get himself trapped, The Narrator will be surprised to see that Stanley broke even the simplest puzzle. The Narrator goes on by leaving Stanley in the chamber since he doesn't have the intention to open the door.
    • Doing this glitch in Portal, however, doesn't make GLaDOS react.
  • It is also possible to get the cube stuck between the door, then the cube bouncing inside the room. It is still possible to normally open the door after that, but the Narrator still says Stanley "broke the puzzle". Entering the door after that makes him act normally.
  • The sounds of the big red button is inverted to how it is in Portal. In that game, the synth tone plays when the button is pressed and the buzzer plays when it's released. However, this is the opposite in The Stanley Parable.
    • If this is not a bug, it may indicate that the Narrator doesn't want Stanley to solve the test, and wants him to stay inside.
  • There is no security camera above the arrow, in contrast to the original Portal, due to the absence of GLaDOS. This could also be Valve's decision to prevent relation to Portal whatsoever.
  • The assets of the world are from Portal 2, even though it tries to reference the original game Portal.
    • Since the game doesn't use the portals or the Portal Gun outside of cheats, instead of them generating to let Stanley out, the Narrator simply opens one of the sides of the Relaxation Vault for his exit.

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