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An image of The Stanley Parables' loading screen

The End Is Never is the famous tagline for The Stanley Parable. It was first used in a preview image on Steam Greenlight before eventually also showing up on the loading screens. It also loops infinitely, making it seem like the sentence says The End is Never The End.


  • The End Is Never likely implies that The Stanley Parable has no point where the game actually ends, as it has infinite playthroughs with no actual goal.
  • At times when restarting, some computer monitors in The Office may be covered in text with this tagline.
  • The text, when shown on the loading screen, lines up with the word "Loading" above the progress bar to make it say "...the End is Loading..."
    • In addition, if observed carefully, the word "Never" appears after "Loading" - making it appear "...the End Is Loading Never..."
      • This may be a reference to the rather short load times compared to other Source games.
  • At one point during the Skip Button Ending the Narrator will be constantly repeating the phrase.
  • The phrase is featured as a promotional image in the The Stanley Parable 2 new content room, saying "The end is never the end... again."