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Fear me, mortal. I am the essence of divine art...

–The Essence of Divine Art

The Divine Art, with the black prism (prior to the patch)

Unused text 1

Unused text 2

Unused text 3

The Essence of Divine Art is a supposed entity that only appears at the end of the Art Ending, after playing the Baby Game for 4 hours.


The Essence of Divine Art appears if Stanley plays the Baby Game for four hours: the screen turns white, and a chorus is heard in the background. An interesting text will also appear.


The Divine Art's poetic speech reads as follows:

Fear me, mortal. I am the essence of divine art.

Others but you cannot read this text.

Know that when you die, I'll personally carry your spirit across the river BLXWXN into my garden built within the emotions of a flower.

There we will live together, we will dance and eat and sin and you will do improv comedy based on suggestions from me for all eternity.

This is your reward for your work here today.

Now, live your normal human existence.

Await me in the life that follows this one.

I love you.

The black prism

Before December 27th, 2016, there was in this place a strange black rectangular prism, which was blocking the left part of the text. The developers declared on their website that it was a bug. It is, in fact, the door that opened to show the puppy which doesn't disappear and is in front of the camera. They never tested this part of the game, due to the great amount of time it would have required.

In a patch deployed that very day, they claimed to have fixed the "black monolith thing".

Unused Text

There is an unused entity in the map file of the Art Ending that can trigger unused text Divine Art was originally going to say. These entities are present in the map file, but they have no inputs or outputs, so the game never actually triggers them. The text reads as follows:

You did it.

You transgressed art.



  • The music heard during the Divine Art's speech is the same one heard in the Starry Dome.
  • The true meaning of BLXWXN spoken by the Divine Art is currently unknown.
  • Argentinian FANDOM user Laaledesiempre found out that, if you translate "BLXWXN" In Viegenere code with the password "ILOVEU" Its say "Jwl Rbi" or "Jewel Rubi" still unknown if it means something or is just a coincidence
  • The Divine Art could be a god, based on these lines:
"Now, live your normal human existence."

"Await me in the life that follows this one".

–The Essence of Divine Art

  • Quote from the Divine Art have 8 lines.
  • The font used for The Essence of Divine Art is Times New Roman.





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