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Icon.png This page details content that was made by the community (Mods, machinimas, fangames, etc…) The content on this page is not canon to the series and is not included within the core game.

Not to be confused with The Raphael Parable: WHY Edition which is a separate mod.

The Raphael Parable can be described as "creepy" and often goes above and beyond to "weird you out", compiling different parts of the game's maps to confuse players.

The Raphael Parable is a community-made modification for The Stanley Parable, being the most popular mod created for the game along with Experiment 427 and the Escape Pod Ending Overwrite Mod.


The Raphael Parable expands the Office to contain several new areas, new visual assets such as furniture, and new Narrator dialogue.

Unlike the main game, The Raphael Parable only contains two endings. The majority of gameplay is spent hunting for secrets hidden across the map. A "doodung" sound will play whenever Stanley has found a secret.

A vast amount of content in the mod is hidden beyond a normal gameplay experience, as some secrets can be found by only by using console commands to teleport, unlock doors, and fullbright areas of the map.


The first clue was a cryptic error message behind this door, which normally leads to the zending.

The Raphael Parable contained an ARG with clues to it scattered around the map. The clues led to a QR code for a dropbox link (no longer functional) where an additional modded game file TheAnswer.bsp could be downloaded.




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