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Icon.png This page details content that was made by the community (Mods, machinimas, fangames, etc…) The content on this page is not canon to the series and is not included within the core game.

Not to be confused with The Raphael Parable which is a separate mod.

The Raphael Parable: WHY Edition is a free community-made mod for The Stanley Parable released on MODDB, aiming to tell the story of "a man named Peter". Although originally joked by the developer to be "A Source mod that parasitizes the original The Stanley Parable [with] unforgettable lack of choice and different "ALTERNATIVE" paths [awaiting]", it is similar in vein to other full-fledged mods.


Beginning development in the fall of 2020, The Raphael Parable: Why Edition has seen many upgrades and demo releases. Initially created by user celisej567, it consisted of a series of hallways that would continuously change as the player moved up and down them, entering new and various rooms along the way with little narrative. Later joined by user Max_34 of The Stanley Parable Ultimate Edition, the mod was overhauled with better graphics and lighting, new locations, and a more constructed narrative. Combined under the development group "Team_34", the project was fully released on May 2, 2021. Later, the developer founded his own group "Raphmap", after which the development proceeded and continues on its behalf.


The Raphael Parable: Why Edition aims to tell the story of an office worker named Peter. The narrative within the mod is as follows:

This is a story about a man named Peter. He worked in a small office warehouse underground and his job was simple: he took documents and copied their contents onto another, blank sheet of paper.
But one day something terrible happened. All paper in the office is out! Of course, many could safely continue to work, but for Peter it was a nightmare! He would not wish this even in a dream or an enemy!
It’s not hard to guess that Peter was shocked. In a shocked state, he was idle for a few minutes, and when he collected his thoughts, he went in search of at least one blank sheet of paper!

Following the initial concept demos, the mod largely focuses on walking back and forth through ever-changing passageways that take inspiration both from actual in-game locations and new constructed spaces. It appears to contain many secrets and easter eggs, as well as some peculiar features that may either be intentional or in-game bugs. The mod is also more technically advanced than previous ones, including modifications to the title screen, IVF compile tool for adding videofiles, loading screen and pause menu. Working with achievement files was also noticed.

Secrets and Oddities

Two secrets originally confirmed by the creator are as follows:

  1. When restarting the mod map, the board at the beginning can change to another, while the corridor in the choice of the path will be slightly longer.
  2. Going into the map file, you can see that behind door 427 in the office, Stanley sits on the "green snake" and presses the buttons on the keyboard.
  3. Аt startup with a small chance, the Raphmap logo may appear instead of the Team_34 logo (sometimes vice versa).

Other curiosities found by players include but are not limited to:

  • The model of Stanley can be seen using the lift within the warehouse as if another player is running a traditional gameplay of The Stanley Parable.
  • Pictures on the hallway walls have odd collision boxes that protrude a substantial distance off the wall.
  • A black and white picture rotates through images of the original Boss's Office and Control Room from the original Half-Life 2 version of the game.
  • A black void can be seen out of one of the office's windows instead of purely white light.
  • Specific yellow tinted ceiling light panels emit loud, ominous hums.



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