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The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is a remake and pseudo-sequel to the original The Stanley Parable developed by Galactic Cafe and Crows Crows Crows, released on the 27th of April, 2022[1] and featuring new content, endings, choices and more. It included the original game's content.

The game is written by Davey Wreden and William Pugh, the same people who wrote the original The Stanley Parable. Kevan Brighting reprised his role as the Narrator. It was released for PC and consoles[2] on April 27 2022, and was written in C# using the Unity game engine.


Ultra Deluxe was originally announced on 6 December 2018, with the original trailer setting it to release in 2019.[3] On 27 November 2019, the release was delayed to 2020.[4] On 18 August 2020, it was again delayed to 2021.[1] On 2 December 2021, it was delayed to early 2022, while saying that the game was "content-complete and preparing for release".[5] In reference to the multiple delays, the Stanley Parable website was changed to say the game was "coming out 2019 2020 2021 2022".[6] The game finally released on the 27th of April, 2022.

Announcement Trailer (The Game Awards 2018)

The announcement trailer shows the Narrator reminding the audience about the original The Stanley Parable, claiming the game won numerous awards (However, the clips shown only have awards for The Last of Us and Papers, Please!) and revealing the developers put its code away where it can be safe against the greedy hand of capitalism. However, he is told offscreen that the developers never put the game on consoles, and decides to do something about it.

Meanwhile, Stanley is on his computer, trying to book a holiday flight. Upon hearing the Narrator's voice, he attempts to leave, but the Narrator closes the exit on his face and shows Stanley his new ideas for the console ports of The Stanley Parable, revealing he will put new choices and endings. When Stanley disagrees, he is put back on his office where the Narrator starts filling it with cash and saying everyone will buy the game again because they're "suckers". As Stanley drowns in the sea of cash (unable to leave as the door is locked), the Narrator states "come now, daddy needs a THIRD swimming pool".

As the trailer ends, the Narrator discovers to his anger that The Last of Us 2 also came out in 2019.

Delay Trailer (The Stanley Parable Responds to Your Letters and Emails)

Throughout the trailer, shots of the various locations of the game are shown as the Narrator reads what is supposedly fan mail. Upon reading a letter telling the developers to delay The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe so they can further polish it, the Narrator tells the viewer in dramatic fashion while holding a scroll, stating they'll delay the game to 2020 and "probably sometime before summer". Eventually, a room with a computer starts looping, as the Narrator says "rise up, gamers".

Release Date Trailer

The trailer is a remake of the original The Stanley Parable trailer, just with extra content, referencing how Ultra Deluxe is a remake of the original The Stanley Parable, just with more content[7].

The trailer opens with a black screen and white text appearing on the screen showing all the awards the original game won. It opens with a view of Stanley typing on his computer, fulfilling the orders sent to him. Then, the perspective zooms out, showing that view as if it were on a screen or projection, and someone, presumably Stanley, is watching it. As he leaves the office-style room in which the screen was, he moves into the hallway.

Every window in the hallway shows a different presentation of a different part of the original game, with overlapping audio of the Narrator talking. He walks down a hallway and into a door that takes him into a room referenced in a Crows Crows Crows tweet[8] that revealed the release date trailer. Moving past that, Stanley walks into a room with a whiteboard that says "Welcome back Employee 427!"

After a second of being there, the screen blacks out and the Narrator asks "Why don't we begin again?", implying that Ultra Deluxe happens at some point after the original game. The screen goes between black with white text and a snapshot of the new game, some entirely new, and some from the original game.

The new shots are of a new part of The Office, three new hallways, the gate to the Memory Zone, the whiteboard from the Whiteboard Ending falling down in a place similar to the Steam Reviews section of the Memory Zone, the room that appears in the place of the place where the fourth Figley you collected was in the Figley Ending, the pink room from the Figley Ending, the "The Present" room from the Figley Ending, and a top-down shot of a catwalk. The trailer ends with the Narrator asking "how did you do that?"

Progression Story

Facepunch.png Quick Stanley, close your eyes!
This page contains information that may spoil the game for people who haven't played it. Read at your own discretion.

While Stanley is going through the endings as normal, he eventually notices a door that was labelled with the words "NEW CONTENT". This gets the Narrator's attention, and he and Stanley are taken on a small ride while an unseen announcer talks about The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, also mentioning the new content in store for the player and Stanley. This, of course, excites the Narrator as he and Stanley make it to the beginning of the path. However, their journey is squandered by a couple of elevators, a Jump Circle and a hastily scribbled sign. Infuriated by this, the Narrator resets the game, though comes up with a new plan; to bask in the glory of the original Stanley Parable.

Once Stanley comes out of his office on the following reset, the Narrator guides him through a vent and leads him to the Memory Zone, where all his favorite memories and experiences are stored, like how grand the game was before it got downcast by the re-release/console port. Reviews of keen interest are those from and, both highly praising the game for what it does well. Unfortunately for the Narrator and Stanley, they come across a darker area of the Memory Zone with reviews from Steam (cited as Pressurized Gas on consoles), and there are negative reviews standing out here. While the Narrator does respond to these with his usual attitude, it soon becomes clear how hard these are hitting him, and he is eventually led to make a Skip Button in response to the negative feedback.

While this is played for laughs for a bit, the time the Skip Button goes forward for increases with every press, and after the only way out vanishes on the third skip, Stanley and the Narrator are stuck in the room with it. As Stanley keeps pushing the button, and the Narrator gets upset and even depressed and isolated from his long periods of not seeing Stanley, he eventually manages to get back out after possibly billions of years, and the whole world around him has fallen to desertification. Even though the Narrator is now long gone, the game eventually hard-resets back to before the Skip Button issue began.

A new idea hits the Narrator, so he puts a neon "NEW New Content" sign at the aforementioned door to guide Stanley inside, and from there, he proposes a grander idea to the original re-release/port; The Stanley Parable 2. After the introduction of this sequel, Stanley is shown around an Expo to demonstrate some of the proposed content, such as the Jump Circle, which the Narrator took a better liking to, the addition of figurines of Stanley to gather, and of course, The Stanley Parable Reassurance Bucket. After exploring the Expo for a bit, the Narrator tries to combine the ideas together, but screws up the first two times. However, he gets the idea of integrating the ideas into the original game while keeping the vision of what The Stanley Parable is really all about.

After one more restart, things proceed as normal, albeit with the new content implemented into the office. Along the way, Stanley searches for the figurines, despite the Narrator repeatedly saying that there's no reward for them, and his co-workers happened to get in on the search as well, leaving valuable clues to help Stanley find the remaining figurines. He also takes some adventures while carrying the Bucket with him, taking a liking to it from its ability to calm him in troubling situations, and the Narrator attempts to intervene and get rid of it in some endings, though failing in the process.

Once Stanley finds all of the figurines, the Narrator starts fixating on them and takes Stanley on one more trip to the Memory Zone to re-experience the thrill of gathering them again. Once they eventually reach the end (aka the present), the Narrator develops second thoughts about resetting the game and has Stanley go backwards through the figurines AND further memories, like the Jump Circle, the iconic two doors and Stanley's Office. The Narrator then begins to recall why he made The Stanley Parable and Stanley in the first place, before having the idea of giving Stanley one more run of the office before retiring him for good.

Outside the main story, the player interacts with a mysterious character who gathers data from little surveys, questions and slider bars, all until these are eventually exhausted out. These range from configuring a clock to adjusting sliders to ensure a cat and dog are friends. After about five runs, the person runs out of things to do and departs, leaving the player to continue playing the game on their own accord.

After this criteria has been met (all five start-ups and the Figurines Ending obtained), the Epilogue can finally be accessed, which picks up where the Skip Button incident left off. Stanley is left wandering around the now-deserted landscape for a long time until he comes across the ruins of the Memory Zone. Inside, he comes across a blog from Cookie9 (the person who made the review suggesting the Skip Button), an article mentioning that The Stanley Parable is completely finished, and several name-saying buttons, one of which happens to say Stanley's name. Stanley (and the Bucket, if he sent it off in an escape pod, finally reaches an abandoned office with Employee 432's computer, serving as the window for the figure to talk to the player one more time.

The Settings Person isn't happy about The Stanley Parable not getting any more sequels, instead deciding to make endless sequels with the player, simply by adding a number and giving a bizarre subtitle to the title screen. Nothing else is altered, except for the fact that the entity fixes up the Achievement Machine that had a broken test achievement available, at least if the player agrees to go along with the plan of having sequels each time they start up the game. The main storyline concludes from there, since the game can be played as normal afterwards.