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The Stanley Parable 2 is the name of the Narrator's proposed sequel to the original Stanley Parable that he develops after completing the Skip Button Ending. In the context of gameplay, it refers to the new content permanently added to the The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe once the Sequel Ending is finished and the Narrator adds his proposed gameplay elements into the original Stanley Parable.

Changed Elements in The Stanley Parable 2

  • The Title Screen is completely changed, now sporting a red color scheme and a scrolling background of the office. The Title is permanently changed from "The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe" to "The Stanley Parable 2".
    • Choosing to view the credits will still display the original name of the game rather than the sequel.
  • The Stanley Parable Adventure Line™ will have an added "2" to Its™ logo.
    • If you say yes to the Settings Person in the Epilogue, this number will update depending on how many sequels you've made.
  • The rooms of the main office leading up to the Boss's Office are adorned with 1 of 2 kinds of balloons. Whichever balloon is chosen will be the opposite of what Stanley picked during the Sequel Ending.
  • The Bucket is now placed in the main office, which Stanley can pick up by interacting with it. Having the bucket with you changes the outcome of several of the Endings in the game.
  • Numerous Stanley Figurines are placed around the entire office. Collecting two will change the design of the Meeting Room as Stanley's Missing coworkers appear to also be scrambling to search for the figurines. Collecting all 6 will trigger the Figurines Ending on the player's next reset, as well as reverting the Meeting Room to its previous condition.
  • Fulfilling certain conditions will unlock an option to play the Epilogue from the main menu.

The Stanley Parable 3 and Beyond

After completing the Epilogue, the Settings Person turns the game into "The Stanley Parable 3" instead, with a custom subtitle created by the player from a list of pre-generated words and phrases. The title screen changes to a desert, with a picture of a car driving by every so often.

Every subsequent restart will add onto the number and allow the player to change the subtitle. The game can be reverted back to the Stanley Parable 2 by reentering the "New Content" door and restarting the events to complete the Sequel Ending.