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The Stanley Parable 2 Expo is an event in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe. It can be accessed by entering the "New New Content" door before the Epilogue, or just the "New Content" door after the Epilogue. It is featured only in the Sequel Ending. The Stanley Parable 2 Expo hosts previews of the new content in The Stanley Parable 2, as well as a couple other features seen nowhere else in the game.


The Stanley Parable Reassurance Bucket

From this point onward, the Stanley Parable Reassurance Bucket will be available in every run of the game, aside from when you send it away in an escape pod. The bucket calms and reassures Stanley in times of confusion.


The Narrator will introduce you to collectible miniature Stanley figures called Figurines/Stanlurines/Figleys/Figlurines. In The Stanley Parable 2, you are supposed to be able to collect 6 of them, but by the end of the Epilogue, you can have as many as 26.


The Epilogue appears as just the word "Epilogue," though it is very important later in the story.

Office Decoration

The Narrator will show you two different balloons, a white one saying "Get Well Someday," and a blue one saying "Happy 12th Birthday, Step-Neice." He will ask you which one you prefer, but whichever one you pick, he will pick the opposite. When you get to the Stanley Parable 2, you will see the office littered with balloons.

Button that says your name... if your name is Jim

There is a button that will supposedly say the name of the person currently playing the game. The Narrator will hype it a lot, but by the time you press it, it is revealed that it only says the name "Jim." This button only appears again in the Epilogue.

Jump Circle

The Jump Circle comes back for the first time since the Skip Button Ending. You will have the same number of jumps as you did when you left the Jump Circle last. If you used all your jumps on the first go, it has no real purpose. The Narrator simply remarks that it could be used as a nice decorative piece.

Trophy Machine

The Trophy Machine is located in a basement-like area and is supposed to give you the achievement "Test achievement please ignore." Initially, it doesn't work, but after completing the epilogue and agreeing to the Text's ideas, it will be fixed.

Settings World Champion Room

There is a room that is only open when you've unlocked the Settings World Champion achievement. When you enter it, the Narrator will talk for a bit, and then he will unlock a seemingly useless setting in the settings menu called Bumpscosity.

(Mostly) Infinite Hole

The Infinite Hole is actually just a really deep hole that progressively gets shallower as you fall into it over and over again. By the time it's barely a couple feet deep, you can trigger a confusing and somewhat eerie dream sequence. This feature appears nowhere else in the game.


In the room is a merch booth. It does nothing and has no narration. Its only purpose is to display merchandise such as T-shirts.

The QR code over the booth leads to