This page lists all achievements presented in The Stanley Parable and how to get them.

Click On Door 430 Five Times

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Once you click on door 430, the Narrator scoffs and comments on how can an achievement be granted with a measly five clicks. He then challenges you to click on many doors and objects (even climbing on a desk). At the end of the challenge, he tells you to give five clicks on door 430, and you finally get the achievement (much to the Narrator's delight). You can break this if you do this without enabling achievements.

Beat The Game

Obey the Narrator by going straight to the Freedom Ending. Don't disobey the Narrator even once.

You Can't Jump

Try to jump several times.

Welcome Back

Quit The Stanley Parable, then open it again.


See this website for information. Trying to get this achievement by typing cheat "_u" in the console will show an error message "hey don't you even try". The achievement is given randomly to some players.


Play The Stanley Parable for 24 hours during Tuesday. (You can cheat by messing with your computer's clock.)

Go Outside

Do not play the game for five years.

Speed run

The Stanley Parable - Achievement - Speed run

The Stanley Parable - Achievement - Speed run

Same way with the Beat The Game achievement, but you must reach the Freedom Ending in less than 4 minutes (the loading screens don't count towards the timer). To be able to do this, you first need to:

  • Press the 2845 on the boss office before the narrator finishes his dialogue and going there at least 2 more times, so he just opens the door for you.
  • Go on the elevator of The Boss's Office at least once, so you immediately get down.
  • In the mind control facility, after pressing any button before getting in the elevator, get on the tables and jump to the catwalks when they are still rising and go ahead.

After all that, just rush your way to the Freedom Ending.

On the right is a example video:


By enabling and disabling the achievement options in the Extras menu, one should be able to obtain this achievement.


Enter 8 into the boss' keypad eight times.


Resetting Achievements

If you wish to reset your achievements to reactivate them (particularly with clicking on Door 430 five times due to it having a scripted event), open the developer console and enter the command, "tsp_resetzaxis". The console will then ask you to reenter the command with a 5-digit number after it to confirm your action. Doing this will reset all of your achievements for The Stanley Parable, both in-game and on your Steam profile.

Go Outside

This is perhaps the biggest challenge the game presents, aside from obtaining the Art Ending (playing the baby game for 4 hours). For an easy trick, see The Stanley Parable's webpage on TVTropes under That One Achievement.

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