The Stanley Parable Adventure Line™ is an entity in The Stanley Parable that guides Stanley throughout the office in the Confusion Ending. The Narrator employs its usage in order to "find the story", but the Line™ leads Stanley and the Narrator back to the Monitor Room, as they had in a previous restart of this ending. This greatly annoys the Narrator, who later confesses he wants to "veto" the Line™ from having any role in their journey.


The Line™ is characterized by a solid yellow Line™. As the Line™ progresses, It™ starts to zig-zag throughout the office and cause havoc, knocking over chairs, desks and boxes. The Line™ makes a reappearance on the last restart, when It™ comes crashing through the ceiling, zig-zags around for a bit, then leaves again. When you follow It™, you are accompanied by the song Following Stanley. It™ is always addressed with a trademark symbol.


The Line™ can be found in the Confusion Ending. For some time after the Confusion Ending, peeking in a window in the office will reveal the Line™ on the ground.

The Line™ was encountered twice during the gameplay, although the Confusion Ending Schedule stated that the Line™ will make its third appearance should the Narrator go on with the schedule.

The Line™ also appears in the Stanley Parable Demonstration. In the "Final Decision" room, the Line™ can be found on the wall, low near the darkness. It is easy to miss.

Even though that room can’t be found during gameplay, The Line™ can also be found on the cover for The Stanley Parable’s physical IndieBox edition.


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