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This page contains information that may spoil the game for people who haven't played it. Read at your own discretion.

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The Stanley Parable Demonstration is the demo for The Stanley Parable.


The Player enters a test session for the Stanley Parable, when they enter the Green room, they are greeted by the Narrator, who will guide them through the demo. The Narrator decides to give the player a quick tour around the facilities on making a demo. The first feature the player will access will be the buttons of choice; no matter what button the player chooses, it will always say that they are a sexual predator, and the Narrator will call them a pervert. The player will then enter the facility room, where they will be able to view:

  • Compliments
  • Demo Status
  • Emotion Booths
  • Wall Technology

The player will then exit back to the green room. Before the demo starts, the Narrator addresses a number of safety concerns about playing the Stanley Parable, making the player perform a dance to notify him if they are suffering any of the side-effects. After this the Narrator will start the demo; unfortunately, something goes wrong, and the player ends up back in the Reception room.

After the player returns to the green room, the Narrator will make another attempt to start the demo, but this time activates The Eight Game. The Narrator will force the player out before they start forming impressions that the Stanley Parable is the eight game. The player will return to the start room and the Narrator will force them to apologise for their lack of respect for the demo.

The Eight Game

After this, the Narrator will attempt a third time, but there is only a billboard sign that says "THE END". The Narrator decides that the demo cannot end like this as the player didn't see anything, and tries to find something for them to do. The Narrator will take the player to the storage room, and tell them to to put a cup in a bin. After the player does this, they will be awarded with an achievement, and taken to the final choice.

Unfortunately, Narrative Contradiction begins to occur in the facility room, so the Narrator will evacuate the player to the isolation chamber. In here, the Narrator will start to get depressed about how he failed and states that he doesn't care for the Stanley Parable any more. He then starts to reminisce about the great times he had with the player during the demo (even with some places that they hadn't gone to before), before entering an elevator that takes the player to the Office, and then the demo ends.

Easter Eggs & Secrets

  • If you type facepunch during gameplay, all world textures will have the Facepunch logo superimposed on top of them, just like in the full version.
  • If you type sv_cheats 1 into the console while playing the demo, the console outputs "Why????" but unlike the full game, you won't be teleported anywhere.
  • If you enter the Green Room before your number is displayed, the Narrator will be humming.
  • When the Narrator tells you to remain motionless, the dialogue will be different depending if the player moves or not.
  • There is a secret passage behind the two booths in the Emotion Booth demonstration room, where you can find a third one, which plays "Who Likes To Party" by Kevin MacLeod.
  • You can walk to the boxes next to the Buttons & Choice room to learn more about boxes.
  • There is a small crevice to the left of the compliment room, near the stairs and above the ramp of the isolation chamber where the Narrator comments on the contents of this area.
  • If you go back into the Buttons & Choice room, the Narrator once again calls you a pervert.
  • If you wait in the waiting room, the Narrator will comment on the fact that you can just enter as no one is watching; if you continue to wait after your number, the Narrator will suggest that there is something special about you and this room and will feel touched.
    • If you keep waiting in the waiting room, there will be extra dialogue.
  • If you continue to play the Eight game, the Narrator will get annoyed and will continently explain that this is not the Stanley Parable; after a while, he will decide to wait for you to finish.
  • The big red button you were supposed to press if you didn't want to continue later appears in the hallway after you leave the storage room where you play "place the cup in the bin".
  • In the storage room where you play the "place the cup in the bin" game, there are three different choices and the Narrator responds accordingly. No matter which one you choose, you will still win and be given an achievement:
    • Putting the cup in the bin as instructed.
    • Getting the cup stuck on the raft.
    • Preventing the cup from entering the bin
  • An image of Octodad can be seen on the roof before the player walks into the room with the isolation chamber later in the demo.
  • When the Narrator is reminiscing, if you had been to the room with the brick wall that could be walked through, you can actually go through it like the Narrator promised earlier in the game.
  • Multiple places saying the demonstration's name read 'THE STANLEY PARABLE DEMONSTATION' instead. The typo is not intentional, but was left uncorrected intentionally.
  • If you try to open a door that is shut, the Narrator will comment on it.
  • Various rooms and objects that appear in the demo also appear in the main game.
  • You can see The Line™ on your way to the isolation chamber after the choice.
  • In the part where you teleport to the Office, if you noclip, it is shown that the office only goes up to the first corner.


  • A special modified version of the Demonstration has been made for some people.
    • YouTube channel GameGrumps has played the demo as part of their "Steam Train" series.[1]
    • Adam Sessler of Revision3 also got a personalized demo.[2]
    • Both channels' playthroughs were uploaded/streamed on Oct 10, 2013.
  • The song that starts when the Narrator tells you to dance is called "Trance D Base Dance"[3]
  • The unseen (or invisible) receptionist is voiced by Jenny Kuglin.[4]