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The Rating Board

Please rate your experience.

–The Stanley Parable Experience Rating Board


The Stanley Parable Experience Rating Board is a board consisting of 5 buttons that the Narrator created for Stanley, after Stanley attempts to disobey him and walk straight into an unfinished section of the game.


The rating board can be found while heading to the Games Ending (or Art Ending) by entering the blue door three times, and then entering the unfinished section. The Narrator will take you back to the Two Doors Room with an extra door (although, all of them take you to the Experience Rating Board) after his speech. Enter any door to find the rating board.

Button Options

The Narrator's speech will vary depending on what button you push:

  1. the Narrator becomes surprised to see you rate his game a one, although he later confesses that he has no power to interrupt your choices.
  2. the Narrator will say that you don't hate nor like this "new" version of the game. He claims that you had made a big step about it.
  3. the Narrator will comment on your lack of an opinion.
  4. the Narrator admits that this is only a stab in the dark.
  5. the Narrator will be happy if you push this button, gloating about his idea to add a third door. He says that he now knows you enjoyed the "new" version better.

Once you return to this room after watching The Stanley Parable Worldwide Leaderboard, the Narrator will present you another chance to rate his game. This time, no matter what button you push, he will take you straight away to the baby game.





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