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The Stanley Parable Reassurance Bucket is an item and character introduced in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe. It is supposed to comfort Stanley while playing the game, but also changes dialogue and greatly effects most endings. It is constantly referred to as an animate object, though appears to only be a bucket.

How to Unlock

The player must first complete the Sequel Ending and unlock The Stanley Parable 2. The Bucket will be then be obtainable before the Two Doors Room, no matter the layout.

Endings changed by The Bucket

Facepunch.png Quick Stanley, close your eyes!
This page contains information that may spoil the game for people who haven't played it. Read at your own discretion.

When holding the Bucket, several endings are changed completely from their original versions.

Left Door Endings

  • Freedom Ending: Stanley cannot actually leave because The Office does not want the bucket to leave, causing the door to close on him.
  • Countdown Ending: The Bucket hits the ON button instead and reveals that the Mind Control Facility is a cover-up to spy on silly birds all over the world.
  • Museum Ending: The museum is instead one focusing on buckets.
  • Mariella Ending: Stanley goes insane due to his bucket being missing.
  • Escape Pod Ending: Stanley instead puts the Bucket in the escape pod which makes it disappear from is pedestal in the next reset. After the next reset a replacement bucket will be present (so noted by a "replacement bucket" sign), with the Narrator asking Stanley not to lose this one.
    • If one plays the epilogue immediately after, the escape pod will be present, with the Bucket inside it.
  • Broom Closet Ending: The Narrator claims the Broom Closet is mocking Stanley and places stickers on the Bucket.
    • These stickers are permanent and persist between resets.
  • Bottom of the Mind Control Facility Ending: The Bucket and Stanley get comfortable at the bottom of the hole, at least for so long.
  • Elevator Ending: Stanley becomes obsessed with the number 3 and gives a conference on it, which doesn't end well.

Right Door Endings

  • Confusion Ending: Takes Stanley to an intervention by classic characters (Adventure Line, Broom Closet) who want him to destroy the Bucket.
  • Powerful Ending: Stanley jumps off not to prove that he's powerful, but to avoid separation from the Bucket.
  • Cold Feet Ending: Nearly the same, except The Narrator insists that the Bucket will soften his fall, which it doesn't.
  • Apartment Ending: Stanley spends his life with the Bucket instead and the Narrator goes crazy claiming he wants the Bucket himself.
  • Not Stanley Ending: The Narrator stresses over being able to perfect his "talking bucket" joke.
  • No Buckets Ending: A wholly new ending replacing the Zending, Art Ending, and Games Ending, where the Narrator quizzes Stanley about buckets.
  • Vent Ending: The tape recorder now have a tape marked "Evidence #252", which discusses the Bucket's power.

Pre-Two Doors Room

  • Out of Map Ending: The Narrator talks about how the Bucket is glad to escape from the story and explains its backstory.
  • New Content Ending: The Narrator questions how Stanley already has the Bucket if he never gave it to him. Having this will skip the Skip Button Ending entirely due to the Narrator being content.
  • Sequel Ending: Stanley brings the Bucket into the Bucket exhibit, prompting the Narrator to destroy both Buckets due to the sheer comforting power of two Buckets being too great.

Unchanged Endings

These are a list of endings unchanged or unobtainable by having the Bucket with you.



  • The bucket has blood, as shown in the bucket version of the Out of Map Ending.
  • The bucket knows who Gambhorra'ta is, as shown in the bucket version of the Out of Map Ending.
    • Gambhorra'ta is also the reason they are a bucket.
  • The bucket wants to learn how to roller skate despite not having feet, as shown in the bucket version of the Freedom Ending.
  • In the Epilogue, if you get the Escape Pod Ending with the bucket you will find the same escape pod behind the Memory Zone and you can pick up the bucket, but this won't change anything.
  • Occasionally, if you ignore the bucket and never pick it up, the narrator will give you dialogue asking you to pick it up.
  • There are different types of buckets such as the Inferno Bucket and The Stress Bucket, as shown in the Bucket Museum.




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