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Project Stanley (aka The Stanley Parable Recreated In Rec Room) is a free community made recreation of The Stanley Parable in the game Rec Room using the in game creation tools feature. Unlike The Raphael Parable, The Stanley Parable Ultimate Edition or The Alyx Parable, Project Stanley is a full 1/1 recreation aimed to build up hype for The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, give people a new way to play the original game in an optional VR mode (due to Rec Room being a VR-Compatible game), and to expose a new and younger generation to the original game.


(The names of the people here are replaced by their Rec Room usernames due to a privacy request.)

Project Stanley was first brought up in a conversation between Neowise and RedSnow after they played a Recreation of Watching Paint Dry The Game in Rec Room where they got to the Serious Ending that was added by the recreator as a fun easter egg. A day after the conversation on May 15, 2020 they both started the development on Project Stanley.

Project Stanley- Freedom ending.png

A month after that Neowise left the team and RedSnow continued working on it alone for a month until she decided to recruit more people to help her. The first one to join was Bobrobot on June 8, 2020, who helped her build for another month until they both decided to try and add more to the team. After a couple of weeks on July 10, Opabina and Wordpassman joined the team. 3 days later SlippyMcBacon, Velho The Vexed, and Bee were added to the team with Pigsell and Sodiumitis joining on July 24. All of them managed to complete more than 1/3 of the game over the Summer break.

Project Stanley- Crusher.png

Also, on July 24, the team did an playtest with fans on the Project Stanley discord that lasted a day. At the time, only the path to the wife and the freedom path up until the boss office were complete.

On July 31, Velho The Vexed left Project Stanley, followed by WordpassMan who left on August 14. On August 29, VR_Narrator was added to the team followed by the kicking of Bee and later that day the quitting of Sodiumitis.

On September 29, the team published the project for 2 days for the first and only public playtesting, which became very popular in the community. Due to demands and an advertisement push by the Rec Room Developers, it was extended up until October 4.


The Stanley Parable Movie Trailer - Rec Room Movie Trailer Contest

On October 22, the team made a The Stanley Parable inspired movie trailer for an in game trailer making contest at the time, unfortunately they weren't part of the 20 winners.

On November 15, the team made a special event for the half-year anniversary of the project, which was a 4 hours public playtest of the baby game, which is part of the Art Ending. Unfortunately, the timer kept glitching and the second button for the puppy kept breaking and unregistering. At the 3 hour mark they failed the baby game.

On November 28, there was a Convention Event in-game called Rec Con , where creators and artists got the chance to show their work to thousands of people. The team made a small booth containing the Broom Closet Ending, which was very successful and got even more people interested in the recreation project.

On January 10, The Team published the room ^TheBabyGame, an 8 player coop version of the baby game + the art ending.

On March 20, Pigsell was removed from the team and it was revealed that the recreation is 90% complete.

On April 1, Wordpassman rejoined the team.

On May 15, 12pm EST, the room was publish on Rec Room and everyone could play it. The Room Trailer was also published on YouTube.


The gameplay and endings were kept as 1/1 as possible, but visuals and lighting were affected due to the limited colors, materials and entity limit in every room. The developers found some creative ways to improve the lightings in some rooms such as changing the skybox of areas or having the sun's color change.

2 new endings were planned to be added but both of them got scrapped:

  1. Ending 1, in development name "Rec Ending": The entire story and script was revealed on the 10 months day after the project began. in the canceled story Stanley finds a way to escape the cube puzzle in Test Chamber 00 and get teleported to the rec room game. In there Stanley and the Narrator are trying to find a way back but the game slowly becomes more and more unstable until the game completely break to the point that Stanley get reset back to the beginning of the canceled path. The ending was offiually called "In a loop" ending. Most of the dialogue was complete but do to cancelation some diallage don't show the same emotions and flow with other diallages.
  2. Ending 2, in development name "Red Dream": The ending was based on a dream that RedSnow had, the dream was about a new ending that was added to The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe. The ending was cancelled midway through after it was decided that the story of the ending "just didn't fit The Stanley Parable at all"

After release it was announced in the project discord that more ending were added, search is still ongoing to find them.


A screenshot of the main room

The Room was Published on May 15th 2021 12pm EST on the game Rec Room as a custom room with the name The Stanley Parable. It was well received, with over 25K times played, as of May 23rd. It was also featured on the front page of Rec Room, as archived here( Additionally, it was streamed live on the Official Rec Room Discord Server, by staff member Sizz. This is the second time the game has been featured, with the first time being after the temporary beta test release.


  • New easter eggs were added by the team. For example: every ending path has a hidden furret from Pokemon in hard to spot places. This came from a debate about what would be a cute easter egg that would be in most subrooms where RedSnow jokingly suggested to add a furret in every ending.
  • Due to Rec Room being easily glitchable though walls, an anti-cheat system was added that would take whoever cheated to the serious room. In every subroom in Project Stanley there's a unique message from the narrator that show's how annoyed he's from you cheating.
  • The Museum Ending was changed to have behind the scenes, scrapped suggestions, and unused content like the unfinished map of "Red Dream".

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