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The Stanley Parable Ultimate Edition is a repack for The Stanley Parable currently in development on Like The Raphael ParableExperiment 427, and the Escape Pod Ending Overwrite Mod, it is created by a member of the community and is non-canon. However, it will consist of multiple, different mods in its final release, as opposed to the usual standalone mod releases in the community. The mod promises "more narrator voiceovers, new content, more variety, optimization, more atmospheric and slightly improved graphics", and will contain English, Russian, and Turkish voice acting. Additionally, serving as a repack will allow players to launch any other Stanley Parable mods thrugh an in game launcher within TSPUE, such as those previously mentioned.

Restart Again


Although not much is known about this mod, except for some development screenshots, the developer has released a trailer for one of the mods developed for the pack, known as The Stanley Parable Restart Again. The mod appears to be designed in a similar aesthetic to that of the Not Stanley Ending, with various models, world geometry, and textures augmented in weird ways.

A note from Maxik34 (the creator): This mod will have its own full storyline, at least 30 endings, and most importantly: a real ending. I will start working on this mod right after TSPUE. Here is the shortest possible story of the plot of this mod: everything was as usual, but an abnormal restart occurred, which damaged the game and now it is going to destroy everyone. the plot is still in development, so these are only sketches.

Development and Release

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The mod will begin final production after the release of the long awaited The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe. The release date of this mod is unknown, but will likely be released in the near future, as the ModDB page has recently seen an uptick in additions and discussions. The developer is also a member of the Team_34 group, whose other member NTT is creator of The Raphael Parable: WHY Edition. The team's youtube channel has recently released a teaser for the mod, found here.

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Update (as of 8/12/2020): Recently, the mod team have begun updating the quality of the standard Stanley Parable models as well as reconfiguring some of the asset textures. They also have reconstructed some of the main spaces of the game to match the development photos for The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe. The mod also now runs off of an independent launch system, no longer requiring console commands to run.



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