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There Once Was A Man Named Stanley is a limerick that the Narrator created. The song is about Stanley and about his job pushing buttons.



There once was a man named Stanley,

Who people considered so manly.

But the truth must be told,

He was not very old,

And was quite particularly gangly.

What Stanley liked most was buttons.

He pushed them like some kind of glutton.

He did it all day

In a meaningful way,

But his brain had long ceased to function.

Which is why he is in this parable,

And lives an existence quite terrible.

And if you are not strong,

And keep playing along,

You too will become quite unbearable. (x2) (Yeah!)


The song consists of Kevan Brighting singing as the Narrator and playing a guitar at the same time. After the lyrics, there will be a long instrumental part, and then the song will end.

Song Audio Clip:

At the end of the song, the guitar tone will drop very low, and then it will end.

The Narrator sings this song if you select Yes on the gag question, and does it in a rather "miserable" tone. He sings this song because he wants to make it as miserable as possible.


  • In the game files, the audio file has the words "WindowGag" in the file name.
  • In this song, the Narrator makes fun of Stanley.
  • This is the one of the longest songs in The Stanley Parable.




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