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The room.

The Three Doors Room is the Two Doors Room but with an extra door. It can only be found while going to the Games Ending or Art Ending.

How to get this room

This room is secret, unlike others. To get it, you must first do what you would do to go to the Games Ending or Art Ending. When you enter the unfinished section, the Narrator will restart the game afterwards. However there will be a third option that will take you to The Stanley Parable Experience Rating Board. After you rate your experience, the room will also have The Stanley Parable Worldwide Leaderboard, as well as have some missing lights replaced with developer textures.


  • This room has no Points of Divergence because if you take either regular door, you will still be taken to The Stanley Parable Experience Rating Board.
    • This is probably made to prevent you from trying to break the path to other endings.
    • This is similar in the Six Doors Room, because taking either regular door will still take you to the labyrinth.



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