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Truth and Lies is an instrumental song that occurs when you enter the Monitor Room. However, when you visit the Monitor Room during the Confusion Ending, the song will not play.


The song uses electronic instruments and a piano. This is used in the Monitor Room because Stanley figures out that he was mind-controlled.

Song Audio Clips:

The song ends when the player enters the Countdown Room.


  • In the game files, these three soundtracks are named (sorted alphabetically): Monitor_music_climax.wav, Monitormusic_buildup.wav, and Monitormusic_loop_drone.
  • The soundtrack lasts for 47 seconds in total.
  • This soundtrack is one of the shortest soundtracks in the game's OST.
  • This soundtrack is titled Truth and Lies to describe the lies of The Office, and to describe that Stanley has discovered the truth in the Mind Control Facility.




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