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CthulhuSoul and the Explosion Ending

I may have found a way to escape on explosion ending, but I only tried it a little bit.

Is this a real thing?

I pressed the red button, then some computers had a picture of the 1 button. I pressed it and the red button, then the same happened with the three button. After this the computer to the left of the way in that has an off switch on it had two lightbulbs on it. Afterwards I realized there were two lightbulb buttons in the room, but whenever I tried the screen got too shaky to press these two lightbulb buttons. Does this lead to anything?

No, this doesn't. There is no real way to escape the Explosion Ending, unless if you installed a mod or heavily edited the map. -UltraUser78 (talk) 10:47, August 5, 2018 (UTC-5:00)

Escape Pod Ending Theory (Stanley Parable + Beginner's Guide)

The Escape Pod ending seems to not work due to the narrator being missing. Developer mode (aka the console) shows you that the game tries to load various things (like audio files for dialogue) and does not find them. Due to this, the escape pod ending does not work because it is "glitched".

If you enable the console in The Beginner's Guide, you will find the same thing. The game tries to load things (I personally noticed missing footstep noises during some parts) and does not find them. Thus, these messages sit in the background, only able to be spotted by the proficient player.

Using these two games, I am coming to the conclusion that this means something. Perhaps the games are connected somehow. I have noticed content from The Stanley Parable in The Beginner's Guide files. Most of it is copies, but maybe there's something in there that can be used to fix the errors?

I'm probably thinking way too much about this. But if you're curious, go see if you can figure anything out from it. Thanks.

Well, The Beginner's Guide's development began pretty quickly before The Stanley Parable was released, so some things from it could be found. I can share an e-mail where GranPC responded to me on why there's an SMG1 in TSP. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 16:02, July 30, 2018 (UTC)

Staircase door glitch

So one day, I was just walking around in the game. I walked through the left door, and then when I came to the Staircase, I backtracked the way I came and I broke the game. I was just stuck in this hallway forever. I just thought it was very strange. I wonder if this means anything? (I think it's most likely this doesn't mean anything). (UltraUser78)