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Welcome to the... WHITEBOARD ENDING!

–The Whiteboard

The Whiteboard Ending is the ending that occurs that when the game restarts and the office is blue-ish, then you are able to open Room 426 and that is where the Whiteboard Ending occurs.

Obtaining the Ending

When the game restarts, and the office is blue-ish, go through room 426 to see the ending.

The Ending

When the game restarts, sometimes the office will be blue-ish. When this occurs, you are able to open Room 426, entering a small tall room showing a whiteboard saying "Welcome to the Whiteboard Ending!" with decorations around it in red. There is also a code in the bottom-right corner saying "console<bark", which if you type into the console, each press of the Use key will make a barking sound. This is more of a gag than an ending, as you can still move on with the story.


The blue office

2014-12-08 00003.jpg

  • This indicates that Room 426 isn't an employee room, but perhaps a secret room. However, in the Monitor Room, monitors of every single employee in the office are shown, and it shows that Room 426 is an employee room.
  • This is the only ending that depends partially on chance.
  • The blue office usually occurs after you jump off the cargo lift or if you perform the Zending.
    • If the Hallway Office appears, if you manually restart, it is very likely to get the blue office where you get this ending.
  • In the middle of the ending, the office changes its structure.
  • This is the only ending that disables other endings from the start.
  • When you exit the room, the Office returns to normal.
  • This is one of the only endings that the Narrator does not react to or talk about, the other two being the Heaven Ending and the Escape Pod Ending.
  • This is the only ending that glitches an ending.
  • If this ending is activated, you are unable to enable the Heaven Ending during this time, unless there is an input screen on Stanley's computer or the Boss's Secretary computer.
  • This the only ending besides the Confusion Ending and the Not Stanley Ending that changes the structure of the office.
  • This is one of the shortest endings in the game.
  • During the Confusion Ending, it is impossible to activate the Whiteboard Ending.
  • If you attempt to stay in the Whiteboard Ending room for a while, the Narrator will not react.
  • Room 426 can only be opened in the blue office, but not in the regular office or during any restart in the Confusion Ending.
  • This ending, the Coward Ending, the Serious Ending and the Out of Map Ending are the only endings that can be achieved before entering the Two Doors Room.



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