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This page contains information that may spoil the game for people who haven't played it. Read at your own discretion.
Come along Stanley. I want to show you something beautiful.


The Zending (also known as Space Ending[1]) is an ending that occurs when you take the red door after jumping from the cargo lift in the Warehouse.

Obtaining The Ending

Exit Stanley's Office. At the 2 doors, pick the one on the right. Pass through the Employee Lounge, and to the Warehouse. Get on the cargo lift, and jump off of it onto the raised platform below. At the 2 colored doors, walk through the red door. When the Narrator opens a door, walk through it.

The Ending

After walking through the red door, Stanley can walk through a hallway that begins to loop. The narrator will be relieved that Stanley is finally starting to listen to him, explaining that the problem must have been all the choices they were being subjected to. The narrator claims to have a solution to this, and opens a lit door that Stanley must walk through.

Upon entering the door, Stanley must walk forward into an open area, lit overhead by an colorful aurora-esque light effect. The narrator claims that if they stay here, they will be forever peaceful and happy. Though nothing will be achieved by doing so, Stanley can choose to stay and watch the many different auroras and listen to the calming music if he so pleases.

Stanley walks down a set of stairs, entering a series of blank hallways that gradual degage. This leads to a towering flight of stairs that lack a protective railing at the top, providing a great fall. With no other choices to be made, Stanley must jump from the stairs repeatedly, taking damage each time until he finally dies. Stanley can choose to return to the "peace room" at any time, but this will accomplish nothing.

The narrator, not wanting to lose the glorious moment, will beg Stanley not to jump from the stairs, being relieved when he survives the first plummet. Afterwards, he will kindly ask Stanley to return to the aurora room. If Stanley obliges, the narrator will try to convince him that this is what they are destined to do and that they can both be happy and safe there.

If Stanley returns to the stairs and continues to jump, the narrator will get more and more depressed, until he gives up on trying to keep his happiness as well as trying to reason with Stanley. When Stanley finally dies, the narrator bleakly acknowledges that the game is going to restart before he is cut off.

Behind the scenes

The Zending room as it appeared earlier in development.

The 3 levers originally implemented into the Zending room.

  • This ending was actually inspired by an unintended possibility in the original Half-Life 2 mod, where it was possible to repeatedly jump off the scaffolding to the floor in the Mind Control Facility until dying.
  • In the original Half-Life 2 mod, this ending is replaced by a different version of the Apartment Ending, though it doesn't involve any phones, it's just the ending received after going through the red door in the colored-doors room there.
  • According to the Museum, the Starry Dome was originally a different room, with 3 levers which the player would pull to activate it.
    • There is a special console command named "tsp_enablemenunarrator", which is supposed to make the Narrator plead to Stanley not to quit the game if he pauses. The sound file doesn't exist however, meaning only the closed caption shows. This is a remnant of the earlier design of this ending before it and the "Starry Dome Ending" were merged
    • Located at "TheStanleyParable>the stanleyparable>sound>echoroom" you can find 11 audio files that should have been part of the original Zending ending. In one of these files called "zen_final_orange" you hear the narrator saying "Stanley pushed the orange Lever".


  • This is the only death ending that makes the Narrator sad.
  • The ending name is a portmanteau of "Zen" and "Ending".



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